Kenyan musical goddess Teslah has a perfect gift for lovers all over the world and that is her latest studio project dubbed ‘Hubby’, which features Ndovu Kuu.

With ‘Hubby’, which has since catapulted Teslah onto the international music scene, the artists attempt to take their audience through their vision and perspective of a perfect relationship.

It is a genius piece of musical work that tells a story about the kind of relationship that several people around the world dream of or wish they had, which explains why thousands of people are streaming the video on YouTube.

This is because everyone who watches this video immediately starts envisioning what true love means and will end up yearning to have a relationship that Teslah and Ndovu Kuu act out as they perform this song.

Despite being a part of the music industry for a few years, Teslah has already made a name for herself so much so that  she is one of the most respected female musicians across East Africa currently, because her impact on the Kenyan music scene is being felt everywhere in the region.

Now is the time for you to stream ‘Hubby’ if you haven’t checked out this  sensational love ballad yet; simply tap  the link above!

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