Celebrated songbird Teslah is taking Kenyan music to the world with her blistering love ballad dubbed ‘Hubby’, on which she teams up with Ndovu Kuu.

A very earth-shattering studio project, ‘Hubby’ is a song that comes with something for everyone, especially people whose dream is having a meaningful relationship that’s full of love, care, passion, romance and mutual understanding.

It is the perfect song for a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary party, because Teslah brings out the true meaning of the word ‘wife’, while Ndovu Kuu does his best to portray the picture of an ideal ‘hubby’.

With ‘Hubby’, which is attracting the attention of thousands of fans on YouTube, Teslah and Ndovu Kuu become the true beacons of love, whose mission is to change people’s lives through letting them know that everyone can have a fruitful relationship if they find the right person for them.

It is a song that inspires married couples and people that are dating, to love each other without any reservations and to appreciate the things they do for each other in their relationship.

To get to know the real meaning of this song and the exact message that Teslah is delivering to her audience, just tap the link above to stream ‘Hubby’ on YouTube.

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