Ugandan multi-award winning musician Daddy Andre has finally opened up about his tumultuous relationship with songbird Nina Roz, shortly after they dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Fertilizer’.

It should be noted that ever since they dropped the ‘Fertilizer’ audio,  which has over 87K YouTube views, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have been the focus of media attention, with everyone asking questions of whether they are really back together or not.

However, to shed more light about what’s really going on between them, the Ugandans music icon has dropped the bombshell by revealing that he can never get over Nina Roz.

Daddy Andre revealed this in an interview on Sanyuka TV this week, during which he said that despite all they’ve gone through, Nina Roz shall always have a special place in his life.

“You see, we have never hated each other and will never. This is because it is not easy for people who have publicly made vows to be together forever to turn around and abruptly end such a commitment,” Daddy Andre said.

He added that; “Despite what we went through as a couple, we made vows that we cannot easily break and this is what most couples go through.”

Commenting about  the same issue in a separate interview, Nina Roz said that theirs  is a couple that met challenges, just like any other people in a relationship, although that doesn’t stop them from working together to produce good music for their fans.

Guys, if you haven’t streamed ‘Fertilizer’ yet, please just tap the link, to find out why Daddy Andre and Nina Roz shall forever be inseparable, reason why she yearns for him to be her fertilizer!

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