If there is any producer who deserves props for taking Kenyan music to the rest of the world this year, then it is Vic West!

This is because everything he touches seems to turn to gold and this is manifested in ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, a song by Fathermoh featuring Sylvia Ssaru, which he produced.

‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which currently boasts of over 7.5M views, has beaten odds in the Kenyan music industry by trending for four straight months on YouTube.

The success registered by this studio project further highlights Vic West’s extraordinary potential in regards to music production.

A very remarkable masterpiece, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ shall forever stand as a testament to Vic West’s evolution as a multi-talented artist cum producer, plus his exceptional ability to push Gengetone using a multi-pronged approach.

Thanks to his unmatched production skills, Vic West created ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ as a song with thought-provoking lyrics and very infectious beats, thereby making it a powerful collaboration by Fathermoh and Ssaru, who are two of the finest musicians in Kenya.So, after his blockbuster ‘Kuna Kuna’, which is now heading for 20M YouTube views, Vic West is here to again claim more props with ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ and we invite you to tap the link above to stream the jam on YouTube.

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