Kenyan artist Josephyl knows that there are so many people around the world who have lost hope because of the troubles they are facing in life; many actually think God gave up on them.

However, armed with the wisdom that God never gives up on His people, especially those who have faith in Him, Josephyl, through his new song ‘Shine’, goes out to remind the hopeless that God is still with them and will make them shine anytime.

Featuring Lucy Lugano, Lafayette, GJB100 and Kovx Wise, ‘Shine’ is a song that aims at stirring new hope among people all over the world and inspires them to carry on with their lives despite the challenges they are faced with.

It is a clear global message from Josephyl and the other artists on this song for people to stay strong, keep doing what they got to do and leave the rest to God.

Actually, thousands of people have already embraced the message in ‘Shine’ and because of this, many of them are streaming the video on YouTube, because this song is some kind of divine intervention in their lives.

You too can heed Josephyl’s call by clicking the link to stream the video on YouTube.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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