Gengetone stars Fathermoh and Ssaru are back in the limelight, thanks to their collabo dubbed ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which has hit over 8M YouTube views.

Now, making 8M views within four months of its release is no easy fit at all for any artists, especially on the Gengetone scene, which means that Fathermoh has since cemented his position as a kingpin in this game.

The rate at which ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ has become so popular within a very short time has left many Kenyan music enthusiasts in awe, because it is a song that has surpassed the expectations of thousands of people; music critiques inclusive.

Being a song that highlights the competition between the  young and old men  for women has made ‘Kaskie Vibaya’  a studio project  that sends a powerful statement to  the world about identity and gender expression

 This is because recently cases of young men competing with older men for young girls have become so rampant and because of this, the issue of cross-generation relationships has become so prevalent everywhere.

Actually, ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ is an eye-opener to everyone about how relationships today are increasingly being hinged on materialism, as young girls continue scramble for Sugar Daddies who can satisfy their materialistic wants, and avoid men their age, simply because they cannot afford to give them the luxuries they want.

It is because of ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ being very relatable with what happens in people’s lives nowadays that the song continues to rock millions of fans world over.

Just tap the  link above to stream the video on YouTube now!       

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