The visualizer for Kenneth Mugabi’s captivating ballad dubbed ‘Take Me Back’ is out now and available for streaming on YouTube!

The ‘Take Me Back’ visualizer, which comes with the lyrics, adds spice to the song, because fans can now sing along as they vibe to this lovely tune.

‘Take Me Back’, which is an enchanting love song that takes the storyline of a couple that develops problems, breaks up   but ends up reuniting after the man pleading with the lady to take him back, is one of the songs on Mugabi’s album titled ‘People Of The Land’.

A perfect dedication to all lovers who are facing challenges in their relationships anywhere in the world,  ‘Take Me Back’ is a reminder to everyone that love is not always a bed of roses.

This particular song proves to the world without any argument whatsoever that Mugabi is indeed one of the best storytellers on the Ugandan Afro-pop scene today, especially when it comes to telling love stories.

This is because he usually tells the story the way it is and in a way that makes the audience easily identify with the storyline, especially because he sings about things that happen in people’s daily lives.

Go stream ‘Take Me Back’ on YouTube by simply caressing the link above.

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