Every man who has ever broken up with a woman whom he dearly loved should listen to ‘Take Me Back’ by Kenneth Mugabi, because it is a song that rekindles hope for those with broken hearts.

Through this ballad Mugabi endeavours to let the world know that if two lovers decide, they can end all the differences plaguing their relationship and resurrect the lost love between them.

‘Take Me Back’ is a reminder to everyone that true love doesn’t exist without forgiveness, empathy and being considerate for each other’s feelings.

In this track Mugabi delves into the relentless pursuit of a dream-relationship in the face of adversity; one where a woman is willing to forgive her man and reawaken the passion in their relationship, even after going through several trials and tribulations.

It is a song that several people, both in Ugandan and other countries can easily resonate with,  because love is universal and every relationship is prone to emotional turmoil.

What’s even more interesting with ‘Take Me Back’ is that as the track progresses, it gradually shifts from a tale of pain and hatred to one of hope, forgiveness, reunion and marriage, which is the dream of every couple, anywhere in the world.

Tap the link above to stream the  ‘Take Me Back’ lyric video on YouTube.

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