Exhibiting profound lyrical and personal maturity, Teslah sets out to appeal to the hearts of thousands of women around the world through this song, by letting them know that there comes a time when a woman is meant to settle down with one man.

Although  Teslah somewhat rattles Slay Queens through this song and many of them may not like it, she sends out a very clear message to other women worldwide who advocate for and want to uphold the family structure.

Already being fervently streamed on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Hubby’ is a song that is once again making Kenyans very proud, because it is quickly becoming an unofficial anthem for lovers everywhere, especially those who are ready to commit.

Having been around the Kenyan industry for quite some time now, Teslah has exhibited the ability to remain consistent over the years, especially ever since she found herself a niche as an artist who specializes in love songs.

She has over time been steadily rising in popularity, growing her fan base so much that she is now gaining international fame.

If you haven’t streamed ‘Hubby’ yet, now is the time; just tap the link above.

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