Khemi Tunez, a budding Ghanaian musician,  has unveiled some sort of musical revolution in Ghana with his  jam ‘Live Original’, which is very motivational and aims at arousing the consciousness of his fans.

With ‘Live Original’, Khemi Tunez extends his aspirations beyond just being entertainer to inspiring and uplifting the youth, on top of paving way for future artistes to carry the torch.

Already being streamed in YouTube, ‘Live Original’ is a song through which Khemi Tunez urges fans to avoid living a fake life, stay away from drugs and violence as this will keep them out of prison.

‘Live Original’ is the kind of song with a message that every parent would want their child to pay close attention to, because Khemi Tunez gets a  bit prophetic and philosophical in this jam, yet manages to still keep it a piece of entertainment.

This jam has the effect of resonating with almost every youth all over the world, thanks to the very touching message that results from the singer’s intellectual penmanship.

Like it or not, Khemi Tunez is bound to utterly revolutionalise Ghanaian music by introducing an element that endeavours to arouse consciousness amongst his fans, because he directly appeals to their conscience.

Stream the song on YouTube by clicking the link but remember Khemi Tunez is dropping  the visuals for this jam any time soon!

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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