Talented Ghanaian musician Khemi Tunez is already making a lasting impact on the music industry with his fresh single dubbed ‘Live Original’, which he dropped on YouTube over the weekend.

Despite being new on the music scene, Khemi Tunez is already proving to be a dynamic and receptive artist, who is likely to disrupt the current musical landscape in Ghana as we know it.

His latest studio project ‘Live Original’ is not only motivational but also educative to some extent, because  through this jam he attempts to give youths a few tips on how to survive in this harsh world.

In ‘Live Original’ Khemi Tunez reaches out to youths all over the world, calling upon them to avoid drugs, violence and living a criminal life if they are going to jail.

With socially conscious lyrics and very infectious energy, Khemi Tunez speaks directly to ghetto youths everywhere through this song, because they are the ones likely to fall victim to all the vices he mentions in the song.

However, the educative part aside, ‘Live Original’ is a very incredible song that has since enabled Khemi Tunez to win himself an audience that grows bigger by the day, especially because of the conscious message he delivers.

Don’t miss out on what he has to offer, because you can stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link.

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