By Isaac Tugume

Ghetto youth in Africa and other parts of the world often live a wayward lifestyle, which in most cases lands them in problems like being jailed, drug abuse, becoming victims of violence, among others.

However, in his latest single dubbed ‘Live Original’, Ghanaian artist Khemi Tunez brings a very important message which, if followed strictly, will change the lives of millions of ghetto youth around the world.

A real street anthem, ‘Live Original’ is a song through which Khemi Tunez aims at rallying youth all over the world to change their lives for the better, because  they are likely to face several problems if they don’t.

With an enchanting tune that lingers long after the song has ended, ‘Live Original’ is the ultimate survival manual for anyone who wants to make it through in this turbulent world we are all living in.

Transcending time and all forms of limitations, ‘Live Original’ is a masterpiece for anyone who is akin to taking all advice, even if it comes through music, the way Khemi Tunez does through this song.

It is the sensible message in the song that is making ‘Live Original’ widely streamed on YouTube and, you too can enjoy this piece of conscious music by simply tapping the link above.

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