Popular Kenyan radio station Kiss FM has put ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, a monster hit by Fathermoh featuring Sylvia Ssaru on the spotlight, after the song turned out to be one of the biggest Gengetone hits currently.

Kiss FM, which has been airing ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ for several months since its release, made the highlight public on their Twitter handle on Thursday, and in so doing,  further endorsing that this song is a mega hit.

Meanwhile, all this comes at a time when ‘Kaskie Vibaya’,  which is still sending shockwaves throughout the Gengetone realm, is now headed for 8M YouTube views, having already clocked over 7.9M views.

With ‘Kaskie Vibaya’, which is arguably Fathermoh and Ssaru’s biggest collabo ever,  it becomes evident that Gengetone music is not only getting deeply entrenched in Kenya, but also attracting massive attention from the international community.    

This is mainly because ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ hasn’t been made big by only fans in Kenya, but also those in other parts of the world like Europe, America, Asia and Arabia, especially since it is a song with a universal appeal.

If you haven’t had a chance to feel ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ on Kiss FM, all you got to do is tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube. 

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