Kenyan artist Vic West continues to make news with his super hit ‘Kuna Kuna’, featuring Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Thee Exit Band and Savara, which has since climbed to over 21M YouTube views.

 An all-time classic, ‘Kuna Kuna’ remains one of the biggest jams across East Africa and other parts of the world, because it is a song that raves up the party every time it is played, anywhere.

With ‘Kuna Kuna’ Vic West gave Gengetone fans a million reasons to  and get groovy every time they  listen to the song, because it’s such a great vibe!

It is a song that everyone falls in love with the very first time they listen to it and because of this, ‘Kuna Kuna’ has reached audiences that very few songs done by other Kenyan artists have managed to reach.

From doing rounds on radio and TV stations to booming  in night clubs for several months in various countries around the globe, ‘Kuna Kuna’ shall forever be testimony to the great music potential in Kenya as a country, but also in East Africa as a whole.

Tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube, because  believe it or not, this song is just so addictive.

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