Gengetone maestro Odi Wa Muranga is garnering international attention with his pulsating new single titled ‘Kwa Bar’ featuring Fathermoh and Harry Craze, which is slated to premiere on Trace TV this week.

We have since established that ‘Kwa Bar’, which is trending in Kenya and dominating the country’s  party scene, is set to start airing in Trace Mziiki, due to public demand. 

It should be noted that this mileage for ‘Kwa Bar’ doesn’t come about as a result of mere luck, but because it is currently one of the most sought after jams in the Kenyan party scene.

The video has so far garnered over 76K YouTube views and still counting, just two days after its premiere, which alone speaks volumes about ‘Kwa Bar’ being such a monster hit!

It is a jam that is literally blowing off roofs in dancehalls and nightclubs, because party people go crazy everywhere ‘Kwa Bar’ gets played.  

Believe it or not, ‘Kwa Bar’ is a studio project that has since elevated Odi Wa Muranga’s ranking in the Kenyan music industry and  all indications are that if he continues with this trend, he will soon be a household name across East Africa.

However, as you look out for the ‘Kwa Bar’ video premiere on Trace Mziiki, don’t forget that you can still stream the jam on YouTube by simply caressing the link above!

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