Everyone wants to work, earn money and live a good life; this is the message that Ghanaian artist Kwesi Mafia shares in his latest studio project dubbed ‘Money Love’.

It is true we all love money, because of the nice things it can buy and the places it can take us; but in ‘Money Love’, Kwesi Mafia calls out to the youth to always keep their hustle real and positive, so that they can avoid trouble.

He goes out of hand to warn the youth to always give what belongs to Caesar to him and never take what doesn’t belong to them. This is caution-Kwesi Mafia is letting the youth know that as much as they love money, they must get it through the right channels.

Money is an issue that concerns people of all ages and social status, in every country all over the world and since everyone loves money, Kwesi Mafia’s song strikes a bell in the mind of everyone who listens to it.

Chances are therefore very high that the song will appeal to thousands if not millions of his fans in Ghana and elsewhere in the world, because believe it or not, the love for money is international!

If you are a fan of conscious music, then we urge you to hit  the link above, so that you can stream ‘Money Love’ on YouTube.

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