Ghanaian Afro-pop artist Kwesi Mafia has returned with a new jam titled ‘Money Love’, which dropped on digital platforms on Saturday, August 05th, 2023.

‘Money Love’, which is a mega comeback for a Kwesi Mafia onto the music scene after a long sabbatical, is bound to rattle the Ghanaian music industry for several years, especially because it is a song that many people easily identify with.

We all know everyone loves money and that when there is money you get all the  girls you want, party all you can and do lots of other things; that’s the exact message that Kwesi Mafia is trying to pass on in this song, which will definitely appeal to youth in Ghana and everywhere else in Africa.

A song that you must ensure you get your hands on, ‘Money Love’ will make you reflect upon how you chase money, making you realise what you should do and what you shouldn’t in your quest for wealth.

Make sure you check out this song by clicking the link above to stream the audio on Spotify, although it is also available on other digital platforms like Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music and will soon debut on YouTube.

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