Ghanaian Afro-pop artist Kwesi Mafia has unveiled the official lyric video for his latest single ‘Pain In My Heart’.

The lyric video, which is now available on YouTube, now gives Kwesi Mafia’s fans all over the globe an opportunity to sing along to ‘Pain In My Heart’, which is a very touching song, especially because of the inspiration he shares in this jam.

‘Pain In My Heart’ is a very powerful song in which Kwesi Mafia takes fans onto a journey of the challenges he faces in life and the pain they bring him, although he makes it clear that none of these can ever bring him down.

The song clearly captures the essence of hustling for survival in life without giving up, and in this particular piece, Kwesi Mafia delves into the highs and lows of society, plus how to overcome them.

With ‘Pain In My Heart’, Kwesi Mafia exhibits his distinctive ability to create music that strikes an emotional chord with his audiences, something that has attracted him a charismatic and ever-expanding fan base.

 To stream the ‘Pain In My Heart’ lyric video on YouTube all you gotta do is tap the link!

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