It is just a matter of hours now before popular Cuban band La Catedral Del Son unveil their long-awaited EP dubbed ‘Luna’.

Actually, their fans all over Cuba have started the countdown after news spread that ‘Luna’ is dropping this Friday, June 15, 2023, on YouTube.

Known  for their mesmerizing Rumba music, La Catedral Del Son have decided to treat their audience to a compilation of   five thrilling songs on this EP which include; ‘Infiel’, ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situación’, ‘El Chismoso’ and  ‘Se Te Nota’.

Although Cuba has so many talented musicians, La Catedral Del Son have over the years positioned themselves  as artists that appeal to a multidimensional audience, especially because their music cuts across all ages and groups of people.

Their forthcoming EP is proof that La Catedral Del Son is on a self-driven mission to let the world beware that they stormed the Cuban music scene with all intentions to conquer and cement their brand in the industry.

It is because of the incredible music potential this band has exhibited over time that they have attracted a huge following that spans beyond the borders of Cuba.

You can click the link to check out the promo for their new EP as we count down the hours till it premieres on YouTube!

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