Ugandan artists Legion East and Rako Gynius have the whole of Kampala booming to their new drop dubbed ‘Party’, which is a powerful dancehall tune!

Ever since they released ‘Party’, which is available on digital platforms and YouTube, Legion East and Rako Gynius have become a hot dynamic duo in Kampala that’s on everybody’s lips.

This is especially so because their song ‘Party’ has since become one of the popular jams dominating the entertainment scene all over town.

Several partiers across the country have wholeheartedly embraced this mellow tune and many of them are consuming it in various ways, since there are different ways of partying.

It is the kind of song that gives everyone all reasons to enjoy life to its fullest and is a reminder to people to always spare a moment from their busy schedule to enjoy fun with friends, family or colleagues.

Believe it or not, everyone in life needs some party time, because it is only when you go partying that you banish stress from your life, engage in networking with others and through this, you build a proper social life.

It is for that reason that Legion East and Rako Gynius tell you that; ‘We party every day, so there is no going home’!

If you want to listen to music that will make you start your week on a positive side, then tap the link to stream ‘Party’ on YouTube!

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