It’s not every day that we come across a song that is so enchanting and almost magical like ‘Loyal’, a soothing ballad done by singing duo Nande Boyz.

Created with a hypnotizing rhythm and very captivating lyrics, ‘Loyal’ is a charming love story that everyone would definitely want to be a part of, because no one would like to have a lover who is disloyal.  

This singing duo has mastered the art of consistently dropping timeless hit records and ‘Loyal’, which is attracting thousands of YouTube streams, is just one of their many captivating jams.

With this song, Nande Boyz are bound to make a statement to their fan base that every time they get to release a studio project it has to be nothing but a hit!

Loyal’, which is plucked off their debut studio album dubbed ‘Safari’, is a must-listen record and if you haven’t streamed this song on YouTube yet,  we implore you to do that now by clicking the link above.

Meanwhile, as you enjoy the audio on YouTube, keep in mind that Nande Boyz are soon dropping the video for ‘Loyal’  and they are ready to take thousands of their fans by surprise.

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