Nande Boyz, a talented singing duo in Uganda, are transcending boundaries with their latest single ‘Loyal’, which has turned out to be so infectious and tempting to listen to.

With ‘Loyal’, Nande Boyz are out to let the world know that loyalty is so paramount between lovers, because it is pivotal for either the success or failure of a relationship.

Nande Boyz are just kicking off their journey in the Ugandan music industry; however, the period of focused dedication they have spent on the entertainment scene so far has undoubtedly given birth to some of their most powerful songs to date, among them ‘Loyal’.

With ‘Loyal’ the Nande Boyz give fans a glimpse of something beyond music,  through calling on every lover to be loyal to their partner, because being faithful will save them a lot of problems.
This is because much as love is a powerful force, its vulnerability to disloyalty has been manifested over the years in the millions of relationships  that it has destroyed.

Actually, the impact created by ‘Loyal’ in the hearts and minds of Ugandans is being manifested in the over 18K YouTube views that the song has so far attracted on YouTube.

Let’s all go show the Nande Boyz appreciation for this charming jam by tapping the link above to stream it on YouTube.

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