Have you ever listened to a song that is just too sweet to listen to, well, if you haven’t, then better check out ‘Loyal’ by Nande Boyz.

The sweetness that Nande Boyz bring about for their audience with ‘Loyal’ is just beyond verbal description, because nothing feels sweet like being in love with someone who is loyal to you!

Nande Boyz surely demonstrate their ability to capture the essence of true love and attempt to communicate it through their song ‘Loyal’, which is available on YouTube and all digital platforms.

Actually, Ugandans are expressing their immense love by streaming the song on YouTube in their thousands,  which is great mileage for the Nande Boyz.

Every woman dreams of falling in love with a man who is loyal to her and the Nande Boyz know this, reason why they call upon all men, through this song, to ensure that they are loyal to their women.

Indeed, loyalty to your lover is the foundation of all stable relationships and the Nande Boyz, using their melodious voices and heartfelt lyrics, evoke a range of emotions and convey the beauty of a lifelong commitment through this sweet song.

Tap the link to stream the song on YouTube but don’t forget that the Nande Boyz are set to officially launch the song on NBS TV’s Youth Voice show this Saturday. 

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