Nande Boyz, a talented Congolese singing duo based in Uganda, is doing everything to imprint their brand on the East African music scene and their latest drop dubbed ‘Loyal’ attests to that.

After premiering the song on digital platforms, ‘Loyal’ by Nande Boyz has also debuted on YouTube, where fans have since taken to fervently streaming the audio.

Bringing a fresh feel to Afro-pop music, ‘Loyal’ is a very revitalizing song that induces chillaxing moods for everyone who gets a chance to experience it.

It is true that within the realm of music genres and emotions, there exists a distinctive sphere reserved for serene beats that effortlessly transport us to a state of tranquility and introspection; this is exactly what the Nande Boyz do with ‘Loyal’.

It is a song through which they exhibit the potential to enchant their audience with captivating performances and provocative vocals.  

Having been doing the music thing for quite some time now, Nande Boyz have nurtured the ability to blend their  songs with contemplative lyrics, delicate instrumental arrangements and soul-stirring vocal performances, which have won them an ever-growing audience.

Make sure you tap the link to stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube, because it will feel like magic to your ears.  

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