Rapper Maika Million, who has out a new jam dubbed ‘Mike Tyson’, intends to send out a very strong message to all rappers in America and elsewhere that he is here to conquer the Hip-hop scene.

Dropped just six days ago, ‘Mike Tyson’ is a jam that is sending ripples amongst several rappers, especially because of  the bold statement that Maika Million makes in this track.

Every line in the song carries strong meaning and the entire track is so powerful that it will leave all haters and naysayers pondering what Maika Million’snext move is and what intention was when penning down ‘Mike Tyson.’

This is especially because he sends out a warning to all haters, assuring them that he watches everyone like legendary American boxer Mike Tyson did to all those boxers he knocked out in the ring.

‘Mike Tyson’, which has over 50K YouTube views within the first six days of its release, is a mega breakthrough for Maika Million and is already making a lasting impact on the American Hip-hop scene as we know it.

Tap the link to stream the video on YouTube and feel the vibe Maika Million shares with his fans across the world!

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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