Sizzling Gengetone tune ‘Miondoko’ done by Rico Gang and Mbuzi Gang, continues to beat odds in the Kenyan music industry and as you read this, the video has since zoomed past 5M YouTube views.

‘Miondoko’, which went viral on social media shortly after its release, has kept on growing in numbers during the time it has been on the market and this 5M YouTube views is just a level of progress on a long successful journey.

This is because the studio project has maintained an upward trajectory during the time it has been on the market, a status that it is not about to lose.

The song was well received by their fans and critics alike, something that has enabled Rico Gang to cement their position as one of the most promising acts on the Kenyan Gengetone scene.

Thanks to Rico Gang’s unique sound and raw lyrics in ‘Miondoko’ and many of their other songs, they have managed to attract a loyal following of fans who appreciate their authenticity and relatable experiences.

Their captivating jams and punchy lyrics have over time earned them a loyal following from almost every Gengetone music enthusiast.Let’s make this jam even bigger than 5M views by clicking the link to stream ‘Miondoko’ on YouTube now.

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