Exray Taniua and female vocal queen Teslah this week released a hot collabo dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which is just so Larger-than-life!

Now being streamed on Spotify and other digital platforms, ‘Mpoa’ is the kind of song that qualifies to be an all-time Gengetone classic and with this one, both Exray and Teslah are definitely bound to turn heads.

It’s true Exray and Teslah have over time released sizzling singles; but fact is that every time they work on a collabo it turns out to be a massive project, just like ‘Mpoa’, which follows their other collabo ‘Tujenge Taifa’.

Believe it or not, Exray and Teslah are currently among the hottest artists not only in Kenya but also across East Africa, especially because, thanks to their creativity, they have over time tried as much as possible to change the musical landscape as we knew it before.  

It is not by luck actually that ‘Mpoa’ is being widely embraced by Gengetone fans; it’s because this song has since landed Exray and Teslah in the category of the movers and shakers of the Kenyan music industry.You can now stream or download ‘Mpoa’ on Spotify by clicking the link above, although it’s important to know that the song is also available on other digital platforms too.

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