Rako Gynius, a renowned Ugandan artist, a  few days ago officially launched his debut album dubbed ‘Namunigina’, during a massive launch  party that was held at Randivo Gardens in Kasanga, a Kampala suburb.

The event, which attracted a throng of people, was a ground-breaking performance, which left the audience nodding in approval of Rako Gynius’ exceptional musical talent.

Performing alongside a live band, Rako Gynius staged a very thrilling show, during which he proved to the whole world that he is one of the New-generation Ugandan musicians to reckon with.

He rattled the audience by performing all the songs on the album which include; ‘Namunigina’, ‘Kamulugeya’, ‘Batulamuza’, ‘Ah Naye’ ft. Frank Mugisha, ‘Baabuwe’ ft. Neliah and ‘Traditional Kekon’.

Rako Gynius’ electrifying album launch, which featured  performances from other artists  like Neliah, Good Samaritan, Legion East and others, took the audience by surprise, because not many revelers expected him to fire up the party the way he did.

The ‘Namunigina’ album, which is available on YouTube and digital platforms, is a major breakthrough for Rako Gynius, at least in as far as his music career is concerned.

A producer with Studio Black Market 256, Rako Gynius is a multitalented musician, songwriter and composer, who has over time exhibited great music potential and versatility.

If you missed the album launch, you need not worry, because you can catch all the action by clicking the link to stream the event on YouTube.

But don’t forget to follow Rako Gynius on all social media platforms and to subscribe to his YouTube channel for  updates about all his music projects.   

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