Congolese musical duo Nande Boyz are raising temperatures in people’s hearts with their latest single dubbed ‘Loyal’, which is  becoming a favourite for thousands of people, especially those in relationships.

Everyone in a relationship expects loyalty from their partner and because of this, lots of people are paying attention to what Nande Boyz are saying in this song.

This is because loyalty is the foundation on which every relationship is built and usually determines whether it will last or not, and trouble always arises between lovers whenever one of them isn’t loyal to his/ her partner.

It is due to the importance of the message in their song that the Nande Boyz have thousands of ears listening to ‘Loyal’ on radio stations, while others are streaming the jam on YouTube and digital platforms, because it concerns everyone in love.

All the credit goes to the Nande Boyz for having come up with such a very amazing studio project like ‘Loyal’,  because much as it is a very entertaining jam,  the song tends to root for faithfulness among couples, which is  vital for building emotional stability among lovers.

By the way, did you know that you can stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube by clicking the link above? However, as you enjoy the audio, remember that the video is already in the pipeline and the Nande Boyz  are just  waiting for the right moment to drop it.

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