Nothing is reassuring and comforting in a relationship like having a loyal partner, one who will be there for you through all the thick and thin; this is what singing duo Nande Boyz mean in their latest single dubbed ‘Loyal’.

Just like they say that love doesn’t ask why; Nande Boyz remind lovers through this song that they are supposed to be loyal with each other without asking why, because it is basic for any relationship to thrive.

Nande Boyz perform ‘Loyal’ with a personal touch and unique authenticity, portraying what happens in many relationships whenever lovers are not loyal to each other.

The song highlights the fact that much as lovers can enjoy as many affectionate moments as they want, the moment they lose each other’s loyalty everything will come crumbling down on them.

A monumental musical piece, ‘Loyalty’ is the kind of song that instantly gets etched in the hearts and minds of listeners, which explains why the audio now boasts of over 18K YouTube views, with more fans still coming aboard.Anyways, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve just fallen in or out of love; just tap the link above to stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube, even if you are in a relationship that’s already thriving or about to hit rocks!

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