Believe it or not, Nande Boyz, a thrilling musical duo, has taken the Ugandan entertainment scene by surprise with their pulsating single titled ‘Loyal’.

‘Loyal’ is not your usual kind of song; because whereas other songs are mostly all about partying, drugs, cruising big rides and living in dope cribs, ‘Loyal’ is a call for faithfulness among couples in relationships.

Let’s be honest with each other; who would like to fall  in love with a partner who, instead of being loyal, keeps playing games or lying about this and that? Well, the simplest answer is that no one would like to find themselves in such a position.

It is exactly because of this that the Nande Boyz decided to dedicate their latest single ‘Loyal’ to everybody in a relationship, be it in Uganda or any other country, because this is a matter that concerns us all around the world.

Just like they say that numbers don’t lie, the over 18K YouTube views that the song has already attracted only points to one thing; that it captured the attention of thousands of people, because everyone wants a lover who is absolutely loyal to them.

Now, if you have any doubts whatsoever about whether your lover is loyal or not, then the best option is to tap the link above, so that you can stream this nerve-gripping jam as we wait for the video to drop soon!

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