They say music overcomes all forms of boundaries; that’s exactly what Nande Boyz are doing with their latest single dubbed ‘Loyal’, a song that has since literary closed the boundaries between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

This is because although they are now based in Uganda, Nande Boyz is a group that is originally from DR Congo and ‘Loyal’ is getting airplay in both countries, just like many of their other songs.

This means that despite being new kids on the music block, Nande Boyz are expanding their fan base across both Uganda and DR Congo and by doing so, they are indirectly furthering the East African agenda.

However, leaving DR Congo and Uganda aside, ‘Loyal’, which boasts of over 18K YouTube views and still counting,  is a song that comes with a global outlook, especially because loyalty is the litmus test for true love in every relationship, anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile, as the audio continues to thrill their fans on YouTube, we have since established that Nande Boyz are set to release the official music video for this song next week, which will take many by surprise.

With ‘Loyal’, Nande Boyz deliver a true love song that captures the essence of everlasting love and if you doubt this, just tap the link above to stream the audio on YouTube.

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