Nothing can kick-start your day with vigour like listening to soothing, soulful vocals; the kind that songbird Neliah treats her fans to as she performs ‘Different’.

‘Different’ is a song with very emotive lyrics, through which Neliah captures the essence of finding someone truly unique, which is almost every woman’s dream.

Everyone who encounters this track gets the rare opportunity to experience the fresh and inspiring sound of Neliah’s music and because of this, ‘Different’ is making waves in the Ugandan entertainment industry.

The kind of song you would want to play nonstop, ‘Different’, which is available on YouTube, is a pure rollercoaster of endless sweet, romantic moments, thanks to Neliah’s charming creativity.

Despite the short time she has been in the industry, Neliah has developed the ability to captivate the audience with her powerful vocals, exquisite control and emotional delivery, which often leaves listeners yearning to hear more and more from her.

Music analysts contend that there are few experiences more captivating than a truly gifted vocalist taking center stage, a statement that Neliah brings into real life!

Enjoy the best moment of your life as you stream ‘Different’ on YouTube; just tap the link.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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