Felista Di Superstar, one of Uganda’s youngest musicians, is set to unveil the visuals for her latest single dubbed ‘Crocodile’.

Sources close to Felista reveal that she is set to officially premiere the ‘Crocodile’ music video this week and it is scheduled to debut on Wednesday.

The video, which is currently one of the most-anticipated studio projects by Felista’s fans, will be a major breakthrough for her and will do much at expanding the teenage musician’s catalogue.

‘Crocodile’, which is a refreshing party song, has been warmly embraced by Felista’s growing audience ever since it dropped on YouTube, whereby over 1.9K people have already streamed the audio.

The energy and simplicity with which Felista performs ‘Corocodile’ has actually left hundreds of her fans hungering for  the video,  because they just can’t wait to be visually thrilled by this amazingly creative entertainer.

Despite being a novice in the music industry, Felista continues to exhibit an exceptional ability to seamlessly navigate different music styles and themes, which showcases her versatility to solidify her position as a Ugandan artist.

Make sure to be among the first people to stream the video when it premieres this week, but you can still stream the ‘Crocodile’ audio on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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