Famous Ugandan artist Daddy Andre, whose latest jam ‘Njakukadiwa Nawe’ is trending on YouTube with over 421K views, is set to perform live in Chicago, USA, on Friday, July 07th, 2023.

Real name Andrew Ojambo, Daddy Andre is slated to perform at a mega concert dubbed ‘AFROBEAT Extravaganza’, which will be held at  Country Club Hills Amphitheater, starting  7:00Pm.

The show, which is organised by Kush Concert Series, is bound to be Daddy Andre’s biggest concert ever  held abroad.

His fans in Chicago have already marked the date and are counting down the days, because they can’t wait to be a part of this first-ever Daddy Andre live experience.

Besides his trending jam ‘Njakukadiwa Nawe’ however, Daddy Andre is set to thrill  his fans in Chicago with several of the jams off his catalogue like; ‘Omwana Wabandi’, ‘Andele’, ‘Nangana’, ‘Tugende Mu Church’, ‘Sikikukweka’,  ‘Kyoyoya’, among others.

This concert is one of the  most anticipated gigs especially by Ugandans living and working in Chicago, because it is something that they have never had a  chance to experience before.

So, all you have to do is book your tickets and be at the venue early enough on the concert day, so that you secure the best spot!

But, in the meantime, you can tap  the link above to stream ‘Njakukadiwa Nawe’ and other songs by Daddy Andre, so as to get well-acquainted with his music ahead of the concert!

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