You haven’t enjoyed a mind-blowing love song yet if you haven’t come across ‘Nshakukuda’, done by Jsan Bouy featuring Rwandan crooner Sean Brizz!

‘Nshakukunda’, which has since enabled Jsan Bouy to extend his musical reach from Uganda to Rwanda, is currently one of the hottest love songs in East Africa.

Being a song that carries a storyline of a man who is talking about commitment and vowing to love his woman for eternity, ‘Nshakukunda’ attracts the attention of thousands of people, especially those in love, or planning to start up serious relationships.

Actually, with ‘Nshakukunda’  Jsan Bouy and Sean Brizzy put on the market a studio project that resonates well with lots of people from all over the world, and perhaps that is why the video has already been streamed by over 30K people on YouTube and still counting.  

This is an all-time classic love song that shall thrill Ugandans forever, because it is a testimony about the true power of love and its ability to conquer even the wildest of hearts!Just in case you haven’t watched ‘Nshakukunda’ playing on your favourite TV station doesn’t mean you can’t access the video on YouTube; just hit the link above.

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