Due to public demand, Ugandan artist Jsan  Bouy is set to officially debut his latest jam titled ‘Nshakukunda’, featuring Rwandan artist Sean Brizz, on Urban TV, today May 30, 2023.

Jsan Bouy will unveil the ‘Nshakukunda’ video during Urban TV’s popular show dubbed Fun Plus, hosted by TV personality Martha Fifi, starting at 5:00Pm.

‘Nshakukunda’ was a much-anticipated studio project from Jsan Bouy’s fans both in Uganda and Rwanda and ever since it dropped, thousands of them have been streaming the video on YouTube.

Currently at over 27K YouTube views, just  two weeks after its release, ‘Nshakukunda’ remains one of the favourite jams for several Ugandans and Rwandans alike, especially because  the main focus of the song is love and romance.

So, after being streamed by tens of fans on YouTube, Jsan Bouy found it inevitable to bring ‘Nshakukunda’ closer to his Ugandan fans, hence the decision to premiere it on Urban TV, which is Uganda’s leading entertainment TV station.

Be sure to catch up with Jsan Bouy today as he takes Urban TV viewers on a love-filled musical journey  during the ‘Nshakukunda’ premiere.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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