‘Kuna Kuna’, a massive Gengetone jam by Vic West featuring Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Savara and Thee Exit Band, which has so far claimed over 20.6M YouTube views, continues to make history not only in Kenya but across Africa.

As you read this, renowned Kenyan TV station NTV Kenya has since adopted ‘Kuna Kuna’ as the official soundtrack for their popular programme known as The Trend, which features current affairs, airing every Friday night.

Now, it’s not every day that NTV Kenya can use any song as a soundtrack for its programmes and using ‘Kuna Kuna’ for a prime programme like The Trend, which means this is a big milestone for Vic West, Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Savara and Thee Exit Band.

 ‘Kuna Kuna’ is a song that has had everyone talking ever since it was released several months back, because it is the kind of track that people just can’t get tired of easily.

However, the song’s popularity not only stops at being streamed by millions of fans on YouTube, featuring on several TV stations and being a must-play  at every nightclub; ‘Kuna Kuna’ is also the proud winner of this year’s East Africa Arts Entertainment Award (EAEA) for the People’s Choice Collaboration Single of the Year.Folks, you haven’t felt the real Gengetone vibe if you haven’t streamed ‘Kuna Kuna’ yet; tap the link above to enjoy the video on YouTube.

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