Popular Kenyan group Thee Exit Band have managed to penetrate the Ugandan music scene after NTV officially unveiled their latest video dubbed ‘For Real’ in Uganda this week.

‘For Real’, which dropped a few days ago on YouTube, is now one of the few Kenyan songs that are being accorded massive airplay in Uganda, thanks to NTV, which is the leading TV station in the country.

This can only mean one thing however; that Thee Exit Band have since started extending their musical reach across East Africa, because after capturing the Ugandan market, they are bound to reach out to Tanzania, Rwanda and other countries in the region.

Having their music air on a Ugandan TV station is big mileage for Thee Exit Band and believe it or not, this exhibits their potential to take Kenyan music to the rest of the world.

It should however be noted that ‘For Real’, which is also in rotation on various airwaves across Kenya, now stands as centerpiece for Thee Exit Band’s music career, because it is the first studio project for which they have done a media tour in Uganda.In case  you haven’t watched ‘For Real’ on NTV or your favourite TV station yet, then just tap  the link above to stream the video on YouTube now!

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