Gengetone kingpins Ochungulo Family have literary taken the Kenyan party scene by storm with their new single dubbed ‘Muni DM’,  which happens to be the latest vibe in town!

With ‘Muni DM’, Ochungulo Family aims at doing only one thing; give their fans reason to go partying and go ahead to remind them that a party doesn’t qualify to one a party without babes!

‘Muni DM’ is the ultimate song for people who want to enjoy life without fear or favour to anyone and being such a pulsating party anthem, tens of thousands of fans have taken to streaming the video on YouTube.

It is not by luck therefore that within the first seven days of its premiere, the ‘Muni DM’ video has attracted over 43K YouTube views and still counting, which highlight the fact that this song is a classic in the Gengetone realm.

Actually, ‘Muni DM’ is the kind of song that everyone should be vibing to as we kick off the weekend, because this jam is not only just lit, but also has the potential to fire up any party, be it at a nightclub, bar or the comfort of your home.

To catch the ‘Muni DM’ vibe, all you got to do is hit the link above to stream the video on YouTube.

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