Kenyan singing trio Ochungulo Family has landed a mega comeback with their new track dubbed ‘Muni DM’, which is literary turning the Gengetone scene upside down, inside out!

Although they had been out of the limelight for a long time, Ochungulo Family now has almost everyone in Kenya talking about them, all because of ‘Muni DM’, a song that has become a monster hit in Kenya.

Actually, believe it or not, Ochungulo Family deserve all the props for being the hottest Gengetone group on the rise, because with ‘Muni DM’, the team makes it clear that they are headed for the horizon, and nothing is about to stop them.

While the audio is in rotation on several radio stations, the ‘Muni DM’ video, which premiered on YouTube just four days ago, has exhibited the potential of posting at least 10K YouTube views daily, whereby it has already garnered over 30.1K views and still counting.

This means that thousands of Gengetone fans are getting hooked to this pulsating banger  daily, and that if the trend continues, very soon we shall see ‘Muni DM’ with hundreds of thousands of views, if not millions!

All you have to do now is caress the kink above to go stream the video on YouTube, because ‘Muni DM’ is a masterpiece no one should miss out on!

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