‘Kwa Bar’, a new jam by Odi Wa Muranga featuring Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is currently one of the songs that have conquered the party scene in Kenya, because it’s booming at almost every bar and nightclub in the country.

Already available on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Kwa Bar’ proves that Odi  Wa Muranga is a formidable musical force that can no longer be ignored across East Africa, thanks  to  his exceptional creativity.

The song is increasingly becoming popular because every time it plays, anywhere, the crowd immediately goes crazy as they vibe to it.

Being a song in which Odi Wa Muranga attempts to paint a picture of what happens at bars, especially the boozing and partying with babes, ‘Kwa Bar’ is a jam that rings a bell in the heads of several Kenyan youths.

Actually, ‘Kwa Bar’ has since become a must-listen for thousands of Gengetone enthusiasts, which perhaps explains why the audio has so far attracted over 12K YouTube views barely three weeks after its release.   

You haven’t enjoyed any thrilling party jam yet if you haven’t encountered the vibe that Odi Wa Muranga stirs up  with ‘Kwa Bar’; tap the link above to  stream the song on YouTube, today!

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