Ghanaian artist Kwesi Mafia is finding his footing on airwaves in Rwanda, where his music video dubbed ‘Pain In My Heart’ is playing on TV stations, with B-Plus TV taking the lead.

‘Pain In My Heart’ is one of the captivating songs that feature on The Play, a show on B-Plus TV that focuses on airing music from around Africa.

Being such a captivating song, ‘Pain In My Heart’, which is about the hustles ghetto youths in Africa go through to survive, has since captured the attention of viewers in Rwanda, because many of them identify with the message in this track.

With a song like ‘Pain In My Heart’, which is available for streaming on YouTube, Kwesi Mafia wouldn’t have told the ghetto story any better, because through this studio project he basically speaks out to the whole of Africa, if not the entire world!

Kwesi Mafia is building himself a legacy as an artist with music that is aimed at inspiring ghetto youth to change their lives for the better and because of this, he stands out as one of the musicians that are having a huge impact on the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

However, don’t worry if you aren’t able to watch ‘Pain In My Heart’ on B-Plus TV, because you can still stream the song on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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