Exray Taniua and Mejja’s massive collabo dubbed ‘Pesa Ndogo’ has since crossed the Kenyan borders and is now rocking their fans in Ghana.

We have learnt that ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which is Swahili for ‘Little Money’, is now transitioning from being just a Kenyan song to becoming a continental hit, based on the rate at which it is being widely streamed on YouTube by fans in several corners of Africa.

Actually, as if to prove how Exray and Mejja are taking Kenyan music to the rest of the world, a fan in Ghana only identified as Tonny Otieno commented thus after streaming the video on YouTube; “We love Kenyan music from Ghana!”

Otieno’s confession now makes it known that Exray and Mejja now have the whole of Africa focusing their attention on them, because ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is becoming bigger than anyone had anticipated.

With over 1M YouTube views and still counting, the studio project not only showcases Exray and Mejja’s immense talent and versatility, but also underscores their steadfast dedication to uniting cultures through the universal language of music.

Let’s all rally together and push ‘Pesa Ndogo’ to 2M views or more, because this is a song that everyone in Africa and other parts of the world resonates well with; just tap the link above!

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