Gengetone maestros Exray Taniua and Mejja have teamed up on a new explosive tune dubbed ‘Pesa Ndogo’ and they are set to drop a video for this sizzling banger soon.

‘Pesa Ndogo’ is a thrilling dancehall tune in which Exray and Mejja sing about the day-to-day happenings of a hustler, although they urge people facing challenges in life not to give up.

Being a song that focuses on the common man’s life,  ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which is a Swahili phrase that can be translated to mean ‘Little Money’ in English, has all chances of being widely embraced by Kenyans and several people across East Africa, especially because it is very relatable to almost everyone.

Exray, who is known for his runaway hit dubbed ‘Sipangwingwi’, has over the years mastered the art of producing music that cuts across all boundaries, reason why he is a household name right from ghettos to the upscale neihgbourhoods of Kenya.

He stands out as an artist whose mission is not only to entertain but to also release music that inspires others.

Actually, for several years, Exray has kept his ever growing fan base glued on TV and radio stations, because they just can’t get enough of him.

Tap the link to check out the promo trailer for ‘Pesa Ndogo’ as we wait for the video to premiere any time from now.

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