Ugandan artist Rako Gynius has mastered his musical craft so much that he no longer entertains but just charms his audience with music.

His latest jam ‘Namunigina’, which is available on YouTube and all digital platforms, is a classical example of his power to charm listeners, because no one listens to this song and remains the same!

With lyrics that are carefully crafted to fascinate listeners and a very enthralling rhythm, ‘Namunigina’ is the kind of song with the capability to leave everyone who comes across it in a sweet trance!

A song that can move mountains and trees, ‘Namunigina’, which is the title track for his new album, is the best choice for anyone with a knack for relaxing   Ugandan music.

With this song, Rako Gynius, who is not only a singer but also a music producer, composer and DJ, once again shares his remarkable music gift with the rest of the world and believe it or not, ‘Namunigina’ is a song that is worth your time and data!

Known for his electrifying performances and fierce determination to wow the audience,  Rako Gynius has on the market a song that will leave an indelible impact on Uganda’s music scene for several years to come.We urge you to spare a moment and tap the link above to stream ‘Namunigina’  on YouTube.

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