Ugandan producer, singer and instrumentalist Rako Gynius has unveiled the official DJ Mix for his new album tagged ‘Namunigina’.

This thrilling DJ Mix is a special package that Rako Gynius, who is also a renowned Ugandan disc spinner, specifically did solo, to further manifest his exceptional musical talent.

Rako Gynius nailed this DJ Mix by mixing all the songs on his album which include; ‘Namunigina’, ‘Baabuwe’ ft. Neliah, ‘Ah Naye’ ft. Frank Mugisha, ‘Batulamuz’ and ‘Traditional Kekon’.

It should however be noted that the ‘Namunigina’ album DJ Mixes is part of the newly introduced Black Market Records live DJ Mix Sessions, which are held every week.

These electrifying live DJ sessions feature mixes of all songs released under Black Market Records and are held at Studio Black Market 256 in Nateete, Kampala, every week.

Besides the ‘Namunigina’ DJ Mix, here are YouTube links to other Live DJ Mixes done by DJ XP and DJ Oze.

Click the links to stream all the DJ Mixes but rest assured that more such thrilling mixes are coming your way every week, courtesy of Studio Black Market.  

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