Although he is popularly known for doing Afro-pop and dancehall music, Rako Gynius decided to take his audience on a whole new adventure with his debut album dubbed ‘Namunigina!’

 With this album, which is now available on YouTube and on digital platforms, Rako Gynius chose to substitute his usually fast dancehall rhythm with a soothing compilation of percussion music.

The album, which is a mixture of enchanting sounds from a multiplicity of African musical instruments and Rako Gynious’ unique vocals, shall definitely stand out as one of the most creative pieces ever.

A multi-talented artist, Rako Gynius goes to extra strengths to highlight his musical genius with this album,  thanks to the unique genre-bending fusion of Afro-beats, Pop, Soul, and folk music he applies on this studio project.

Actually, with ‘Namunigina’, Rako Gynius took many of his fans and the entire Ugandan music industry by surprise, because he brings about a totally different style from what he had initially been known for.

This is not only just one way of expressing his versatility and creativity to the world but also inspires the new generation of Ugandan musicians to always think outside the box whenever they go to the studio!

Tap the link to stream ‘Namunigina’ on YouTube now!

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