Kenneth Mugabi, who is one of Uganda’s most talented musicians, has released a new pulsating music video titled ‘Take Me Back’.

‘Take Me Back’, which is a sensational love ballad, officially premiered on YouTube on Sunday July 30th, attracting over 1K views within the first few hours of its premiere.  ­

In this song, which is bound to become an instant hit, Mugabi focuses attention on the troubles people face in relationships,  making it known that they can only be overcome through forgiveness, reconciliation and affection.

He endeavours to let the world know that although couples in relationships face lots of challenges, only those who are patient with each other, and are willing to make up after breaking up, can emerge victorious with everlasting love.  

This is another blessing of sorts from Mugabi to the Ugandan music industry, because once again he gives his fans another tune to vibe to for a long time to come.

A very captivating piece, the ‘Take Me Back’ music video will soon hit all TV stations across Uganda, so that Mugabi’s fans can enjoy it in full swing!

However, why wait that long when you can stream it on YouTube by just clicking the link above?

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