Kenneth Mugabi’s ballad dubbed ‘Take Me Back’, which is taken off his album dubbed ‘People Of The Land’, is a thrilling love story that everyone easily relates with.

A very captivating single, ‘Take Me Back’ is a song that once again brings to light Mugabi’s exceptional commitment at keeping his audience treated to passionate music.

Through ‘Take Me Back’, Mugabi paints a picture of  the challenges that most couples go through by presenting two lovers who encounter differences that see them part, but because the man loves his woman so much, he begs her to take him back.

Being a love story that most people easily identify with, ‘Take Me Back’ alludes to real-life situations and because of this, thousands of people have since embraced it and can’t get enough of it.

Through its powerful lyrics and infectious rhythm, Mugabi tells a very irresistible love story  that can happen to anyone anywhere in the world, hence making ‘Take Me Back’ a real masterpiece.   

Mugabi has over time positioned himself as champion of love music and with ‘Take Me Back’, he does what he is always good at; impress fans beyond their expectations

With just one click on the link above you can stream Mugabi’s ‘Take Me Back’ off his album ‘People Of  The Land’.

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